Reddit AMAA with Mod ThatJim – 7th August 7pm BST

Reddit AMAA with Mod ThatJim – 7th August 7pm BST

With the New Interface System, we've given you the tools to customise your interface any way you want. However, with so many choices to make and a whole new system to grasp you might naturally have some questions. If so, look no further than our latest Q&A session, held on Reddit at 7pm BST this Wednesday!

To make this transition process a whole lot easier this week we are bringing you Jim. Which Jim? That Jim! I hear you saying: ‘Oh, THAT Jim.’

Yes, Mod Thatjim, RuneScape’s Player Experience Designer and the brain behind NIS, will be holding a RedditAsk Me (Almost) Anything Q&A session focused on the latest user interface update to RuneScape 3. During the session, he'll give you a better insight on his work, the whole system, his favourite layout and answer as many of your questions as he can. For example: ‘Jim, would you like to fight a horse-sized interface or thousand window-sized horses?’

ModThatJim AMAA

When: Wednesday – 7th August – 7 to 9pm BST (1 – 3pm EST/ 11am – 1pm PDT).

Where: The thread will be posted a short time before the kick-off.

We're looking forward to reading your questions! Meanwhile, if there is someone who you'd like to see taking on the challenge and doing a Reddit Q&A session, feel free to suggest them on the discussion thread.

Mod Phoenix & The RuneScape Community Team

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