Return of the Letters page

Return of the Letters page

If you could ask any character in RuneScape a question, what would it be? How would you approach a greater demon and ask why he drops tuna and reels of thread? What would you say to the Mysterious Old Man if you had the chance? If only they could talk back... well, now they can in the new-look letters page!

The great powers that be have decided to open the floor to ALL of RuneScape's population, both nasty and nice. Questions you have been longing to ask favorite characters such as Rantz, Bob the Cat, King Vargas, Party Pete, Iban, Peer the Seer and even Imps etc. can now be answered. If you have questions for ANY of the non-player characters who feature in the game, let us know by contacting them through .

As an example:

Dear Sick-looking sheep number 3, I have recently noticed that you seem to be the sheep that gets the most attention. I've seen you in banks, blocking bridges, even in the wild miles away from your home. How do you do it? Is it because you are less diseased than the other sheep or do you offer some kind of cattle prod bonus? Do you dance on command or something? Sick-looking sheep number 3, we love you.

Lucky questions selected will be included in the Letters pages. Fantastic questions may even be added to the NPC in game, so your question could become part of our in-game content.

Sadly Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak (boo hiss) have decided that talking to us mortals is too distracting and it is unlikely that they will be able to respond to many questions, so please don't write to them. If they have anything to say, they will do so when they are ready.

We look forward to reading your questions. Expect the first of the letters pages to be released in October!

Please note that the email address should not be used to contact Jagex in any other way. Mail sent to the postbag for any other purpose will be deleted immediately.

Good Luck.

Runescape Content Team

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