Return of the Podcast

After a short break over Christmas, our ever-popular podcasts are back. This month, we’ve already had a Pollcast about the Elf City and a Combat Podcast, both of which can be found on on iTunes, or on Podbean - to stream or download!

And now for the next one – this time Mod Jane and Mod Moltare having a Q&A based on player’s questions from the forum about the upcoming Spring Event you voted for! Hear Mod Moltare tell you about the place of Brassica Prime and Marimbo in RuneScape, how the Spring Event will work, and a few other delicious details.

To catch it first, tune into RuneZone’s RuneRadio today at 9pm GMT here (for help converting the time zone, click here) and it will be available on our iTunes and Podbean pages soon after.


We'll be continuing with weekly podcasts, focusing on the community and the Power to the Player polls, and we’ll keep you up to date on those as they happen. Any thoughts on features, topics or segments you'd like to see in the podcast? Make sure you post your comments and feedback on our forums.

The RuneScape Community Team