Return of the Wise Old Man!

A long time ago, the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village won instant wealth and notoriety by robbing his local bank. Since then he's lived fairly peacefully in his little house, under constant surveillance from the bank staff and his nosy (and hideous) neighbour. But the world has not forgotten this elderly hero, and the time has come for him to embark on one final quest to bring his adventurous career to a fitting conclusion...

Jump on the little boat moored in the river west of the Gnome Stronghold and travel northwards to the coast where you'll find a struggling fishing colony under attack from vicious sea trolls. Herman Caranos, the director, needs a highly qualified adventurer to help save his colony from ruin. If you meet his exacting standards, you could earn yourself a large reward (including prayer xp) and gain access to a new area with a bank where you can catch an entirely new kind of fish!

swan song: A person's final deed or performance before their retirement or death. This is based on the traditional folk-tale that a swan sings a beautiful song just before it dies.

In other news...

  • Following feedback from players about the Wilderness changes in last week's update, we've flattened the area near the Greater Demon ruins.
  • Lava in the Wilderness should no longer block you from ranging across it.
  • The new volcano at the north-eastern end of the Wilderness is now a multiway combat area.
  • The "Crumbling tome" you find during the In Aid of the Myreque quest has been renamed to "Battered tome" because it was being confused with the crumbling tome found near the Barrows.
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