Revenant Cave Tweaks and Leagues II Fixes

Revenant Cave Tweaks and Leagues II Fixes
This week brings further changes to the Revenant Caves, based on your feedback.

Revenant Cave Player Feedback Changes

Leagues II – Trailblazer has been an exciting release for all of us, but we hope you haven’t forgotten about the promised changes to the Revenant Caves!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been poring over a veritable tome of feedback from players, and this week, the following changes will go live:

  • The respawn rate of revenants has been increased
  • The protection period will now only activate when you pay the entry fee for the first time
  • The amount of ether dropped by revenants has been doubled
  • The new Wilderness Slayer Cave now has its own audio track, which you can unlock by exploring it

Leagues II – Trailblazer: Messages from the J-Mods

We were blown away by the number of you who turned up to play Trailblazer on release! Here’s two of the lead J-Mods for Leagues II and their thoughts on this grand adventure:

Mod Husky

Fun fact: Last Recall is a really strong Relic choice because Kandarin is a useful region, and when I was designing it I forgot that players get instant access to the Seed Pod.

That oversight aside, it’s great to see an even distribution of Tier 1 Relics. In Twisted League, we made the mistake of making one Relic much more viable than the others, and we worked hard to avoid that problem in Trailblazer.

It's been interesting to see that Kandarin, Asgarnia and Morytania with Melee Relics has been one of the most popular metas, as I predicted – although it seems that the other combat styles are being overlooked, which is a shame as all three are still really good and viable for content like Theatre of Blood.

There was one other surprise last week: the insane amount of players logging in to try Leagues II – Trailblazer! It’s been an amazing turnout. Thank you, everyone, for playing and enjoying the content we’ve worked so hard on.

Mod Flippy

Wow! The player engagement with Leagues II – Trailblazer has been incredible. It’s so nice and refreshing seeing players running around in noob gear, discussing strategies and ideas right there in game.

For everyone who’s tried Leagues, we see you, and we appreciate how much you’re enjoying this new mode. You’ve given us the opportunity to learn more about how we can improve Relics, tasks and interfaces going forwards, and some of you have even sent in suggestions of your own! Thank you so much.

Our next steps will be to think about how we can give you even more content for the next League, without impacting the fast pace of the game mode and adding more dev-time. For now – just enjoy the journey!

Leagues II – Trailblazer: Hotfixes

As with any major release, we’ve had to tackle a fair few issues in the first days of Leagues II. Here are the ones we’ve sorted so far:


Additional Trailblazer League specific hotfixes as of 05/11/2020:

  • Gem Stalls in Mor-Ul-Rek and Keldagrim will now correctly complete the "Steal from a Gem Stall" task
  • Draining strikes will now correctly round up the damage dealt to the nearest 10 before applying it's Prayer/Hitpoints restoration effect
  • Players can no longer re-watch cut-scenes from Dragon Slayer 2 and Song of the Elves within the Trailblazer League
  • Unnatural Selection will now correctly guarantee Elite clue drops from Superior Slayer creatures which drop them
  • Deaths that happen within the Revenant Caves will now correctly transfer your tradeable items to your gravestone when you die in PvP combat, as they normally would within any other part of the Wilderness in the Trailblazer League Worlds
  • The Abyssal Sire pet will now correctly complete the "Obtain a Boss Pet Task"
    • Players who obtained the pet previously where it shows in their collection log can open the task interface to complete the task and have the pet automatically insured
    • Players who lost their pet without it being insured can reclaim it from the Leagues Tutor in Lumbridge once the task interface has been opened

Trailblazer League pre-update hotfixes:

  • The Production Master Relic now works when Fletching javelin shafts and firing pottery.
  • Fluid Strikes will now only apply its damage reduction effect if the damage you'd have taken was less than your current HP.  See here for more information.
  • The following tasks are now completable:
    • Restore X Prayer Points (which now checks for your Prayer Points instead of your Prayer level)
    • Steal a Chocolate Slice (which now works in both Ardougne and Keldagrim)
    • Enter Your Player Owned House
    • Chop a Sulliuscep Cap on Fossil Island
    • Complete Rune Mysteries (which now autocompletes upon unlocking Kandarin, as intended)
  • Rune Mysteries will now autocomplete upon unlocking Kandarin.
  • You can now obtain a second Dramen Staff from the League Tutor.
  • Herbs are now always added to the Herb Sack if it is open.
  • Players who lost their Barcrawl Card will now find the Asgarnia pubs now correctly marked off.
  • The Double Cast Relic now saves runes in the Alchemy Room of the Magic Training Arena.

The following fixes will also go live in this week's update:

  • A typo has been fixed in the description for the Equilibrium Relic.
  • 'Gout tuber' is now spelled correctly on the Tasks interface.
  • The Hard task 'Defeat Vorkath on Ungael in 2:00 or less' now has the correct task name.
  • The 'Pickpocket a Bandit in the Kharidian Desert' task now specifies that the bandit must be in the Desert Bandit Camp.
  • Lesser demons in the Wilderness will now count towards the 'Defeat a Lesser Demon' task.
  • Various RuneCraft tasks now specify that the runes must be crafted at their respective altars.
  • The 'Fill a Large Pouch with Essence' and 'Fill a Giant Pouch with Essence' tasks are now marked as 'general' as they do not require the Wilderness to complete.
  • The description of the Production Master Relic has been modified to specify that it only works on glassblowing, not smelting glass.
  • Added the Second Inventory model to the League Tutor.
  • Fixed a typo in Thessalia's haircut dialogue on League Worlds.
  • Clue hunters will no longer receive steps for Falo, Sherlock, music and Zeah.
  • The Asgarnia Drops section of the Areas interface now correctly states that it affects dragon defenders.
  • Production Master will now correctly apply when firing pottery.
  • Your Kill Count at the God Wars Dungeon can no longer be reduced by any means while playing on League Worlds.
  • Teleporting out of an instanced or non-instanced God Wars Dungeon boss room with Last Recall will now teleport the player outside of the boss room when they use the Crystal of Memories. For more information, see this newspost.
  • The 'Make a Potion with an Amulet of Chemistry' task will now complete when a 4-dose potion is made with The Botanist Relic. This same task has been renamed 'Make a 4-Dose Potion'.
  • The task to complete Enakhra's Lament is now completable. If you have completed the quest and not yet received points for this task, opening the Task interface will mark the task as done.
  • The Kandarin task 'Catch 50 Red Chinchompas' will now work on red chinchompas across Kandarin, not just the ones in the Private Hunter Area.
  • Getting more than one level 99 or achieving 25 million XP in two or more skills at the same time will now correctly complete both associated tasks instead of just one of them. If you experienced this issue, opening your Task interface will complete the tasks you missed.
  • Slayer Enchantments now have a chance to drop on League worlds while doing a Wilderness Slayer task. This is not affected by the Leagues drop rate modifier.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Reach Level 5 in any Role at Barbarian Assault' and 'Reach Level 5 in all Roles at Barbarian Assault' tasks could not be completed. If you have done these tasks and not received points, open the Task interface to fix the issue.
  • The task 'Smith 1,000 Adamant Dart Tips' is now tracking your progress correctly. Unfortunately due to the tracking issues, players will need to smith the darts again after today's update for the task to complete.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a jar to a PoH display case was not completing the appropriate League Task. Players with a jar already active in their PoH will need to remove and re-add it in order for the task to be completed.
  • Additional paydirt from Motherlode Mine generated by the Endless Harvest Relic will no longer always be coal.
  • Tasks to cook fish, smelt bars, or burn logs will now correctly track progress when the effects of the Trailblazer Harpoon, Trailblazer Axe, Trailblazer Pickaxe or any of the standard Infernal tools are triggered.
  • The Botanist will now correctly make 4-dose Relicym's Balm with a chance to save its secondary ingredient.
  • You can now catch multiple items at once with a big net - after all, there's plenty of room in there!
  • The Dark Bow will now work with Exploding Attacks. Only the first successful hit will trigger the effect - if you hit twice it won't proc.
  • The scoreboards for The Gauntlet, the Nightmare and Theatre of Blood best times in League Worlds will no longer impact regular worlds. The scoreboards will be reset at some point after the game update. If your Personal Best is better than the Global Time it will be overwritten, so that really good times don't have to be re-obtained.
  • Teleporting out of Temple Trekking will re-enable the Endless Harvest Relic's effect.
  • Ava's devices and the Ranged Skillcape will now correctly stack with the ammo saving effects of the Quick-Shot Relic, resulting in a 98% ammo saving bonus.
  • The task 'Defeat an Aberrant Spectre in Kandarin' has been replaced with 'Defeat a Fire Giant in Kandarin' as the former was incompletable with any given combination of areas.
  • As of Tuesday, Godsword Shards will now correctly drop from the Godwars Generals' bodyguards and will be affected by the Leagues drop rate modifier.
  • Fluid Strikes will now only provide 15% damage reduction if the hit would no longer kill you. For more information, see this newspost.

In addition, we're opening up 13 more League Worlds this week to lessen crowding during peak times and general world lag. The new worlds are:

  • 539-543 - US (5)
  • 548-551 - Germany (4)
  • 558-561 - UK (4)

We're also designating 5 existing worlds as 'Group Minigames' to help minigamers find others to play with.

  • 402 - US East
  • 405 - Germany
  • 407 - UK
  • 409 - US West
  • 412 - Aus

This means that each region now has one world dedicated to minigames. This doesn't change the world itself or mean that minigames can only be played in these worlds - it's purely to try and bring players interested in the same activity together.

Trailblazer League Rankings

Here are the points thresholds for each rank in the Trailblazer League as of the time of this update: Updated: 11/11

  • Dragon: 25,240
  • Rune: 18,310
  • Adamant: 8,990
  • Mithril: 4,480
  • Steel: 1,730
  • Iron: 530
  • Bronze: 100

  • In Other News

    The Halloween event will be removed next Wednesday, November 11th. If you're yet to complete it, find Rick in the woods near the Wizard Tower to get started!

    We know you're eagerly awaiting the changes from Poll 73 Game Improvements to go live. With the incredible response we've had so far to the Trailblazer League the changes from Poll 73 have been somewhat delayed, but rest assured you can expect to see these being released over the next few weeks of game updates!

    Discuss this update on our official forums, the community-led 2007Scape Reddit, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Wiki.

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