Rogue Trader

Ali Morrisane, despite his recent foray into the aeronautical transport business and the numerous litigations which Gnome Air filed against him to the Supreme Rune Court as a result, has found himself twiddling his entrepreneurial thumbs again. This time, aspirations of becoming RuneScape's first super stall proprietor are causing him sleepless nights. Have you got what it takes to aid this rogue trader?

Ready yourself to traverse the vast Kharidian desert and further afield to engineer business concessions. Successful adventurers will reap the rewards of Ali M's expanded business empire, with access to new shopping opportunities. A word to those hot-headed adventurers in our midst, this is not a job for the addle minded or the empty headed, so prepare to lay down your wands and weapons and take up to the challenge of some RuneScape's most brutal brain bogglers.

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