Rooftop Agility Courses

Rooftop Agility Courses

A player designed them, the community voted for them and now we've developed them - nine new Agility training courses traversing rooftops across the RuneScape world. Get ready to see the world from a whole new angle as you leap across alleys, shuffle over tightropes, hop the Varrock pigeon and swing from the desert treetops.

10Draynor Village
20Al Kharid
60Seers' Village

As you train on the rooftop courses, you've got a chance of finding Marks of Grace. These tokens can be taken to Grace, a new merchant at the Rogues' Den, and exchanged for a set of Graceful clothing that reduces your weight when you wear it.

The tokens are spawned randomly for each player on the course that they're using; the level 90 Ardougne course has a higher chance of spawning them than the lower-level courses.

The rooftop courses were originally designed by BigRedJapan for our recent player-designed content poll. You'll find him up on the rooftops watching you train.

Don't forget to tune into our weekly livestream, today at 5pm GMT. Now we've finished developing the Agility courses, we can talk more about updating Slayer.

Please come to the forums to discuss the update.

Mods Ash, Reach & Mat K
The Old School RuneScape Team

... with special thanks to Mod Oliver for helping with the testing.