Royal Trouble

Those of you who made peace in Miscellania may find that all is not well when you return. King Vargas has started a war with Etceteria again, and he and Queen Sigrid agree on one thing - it's up to you, the Regent of Miscellania, to sort it out. War? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Make your way back to the islands north of Rellekka to get to the bottom of it. Find out what's happening in the Miscellanian dungeons, and why things have been mysteriously going missing, or both kingdoms will be in for some Royal Trouble!

Those brave enough to once again step in between these raging monarchs will be rewarded with a generous helping of Agility, Slayer and Hitpoints XP. In addition to that, they can also call on the services of Etcetaria to join in with collecting resources for them, this time providing farming seeds, mahogany and teak.

We've also improved the rewards from the first quest in the series (Throne of Miscellania). Players can now ask their subjects to collect flax as well, and each type of resource has its own bonus rewards if you tell enough of your subjects to work hard at it. Your subjects will also collect more resources than before for the same amount of money and time!

Read more about it in our Knowledge Base article about Managing Miscellania.
Our new QuestHelp system will be updated with hints for Royal Trouble tomorrow.


Two new Random Events


The mysterious old man has built himself a strange device he calls a pinball table, although he has unusual ideas about what pinball actually is. It's one enormous table where trolls stand guard with clubs as the flippers! Naturally he's keen to whisk away players to get involved, this time to be used as the balls!

In this random event the player must run around a giant pinball table tagging ten poles. You can't tag any old poles, though, only the ones with rings around them. If you tag the wrong pole your score goes back to zero and you have to start again.

Grab The Evil Twin

Molly has always had difficulty with her twin sister, probably because her twin is an evil twin. Continuing in the amusement arcade theme from the pinball event, she's rigged up a giant claw to try and catch her sister and drop her in a cage, she just needs you to operate the controls.

The only problem is that Molly's twin managed to bring four innocent citizens with her. Simply move the claw around using the control panel until the red target is on the girl that looks just like Molly, then hit the 'Grab' button to hoist her into the air and dump her in the cage.

See the Random Events article in our Knowledge Base for more details on both of these events.

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