RS2 - more fixes/changes

The duel arena bank has now been moved to next to the hospital.

Fixed: Sometimes killing certain quest npcs didn't advance you in a quest like it should.
Fixed: Crossbows changed colour to match your hair
Fixed: There was an area at the edge of one of the duelling arenas which you could stand in and could be killed and lose your items as if you weren't in the arena when you died. In this spot you could also do strange things such as lean on the barrier above you to escape the arena. This place is now blocked off like it should be.
Fixed: You could get stuck in the duelling arena if you selected no forfeit and no melee together and then neither of your bought any runes or arrows to kill each other with.
Fixed: You could select a duel with the no movement option and then plant flowers or light a fire so you weren't standing next to your opponent.

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