RS2 bugfixes - part 2

Well we said we were going to be fixing more bugs in RuneScape2, so here is the second batch.
  • Fixed: A bug which allowed you to drop cats out of your bank account duplicating the cat.
  • Fixed: Various robes making the chests of female characters go invisible
  • Fixed: Water vials dropped by chaos druids vanishing when picked up
  • Fixed: Various objects such as bones were infinitely useable while in your bank account
  • Fixed: Achetties appeared to have a beard when you talked to her
  • Fixed: You could make cannonballs without a cannonball mould
  • Fixed: You could not range over various tables
  • Fixed: Casting the bind spell on players did not give a skull
  • Fixed: Fighting with a staff always gave you attack xp whatever combat mode you were in
  • Fixed: You could not pray at the dolmen in the druids stone circle
  • Fixed: Gertrude's cat quest was not giving quest points
  • Fixed: Super human strength incorrectly described as giving a boost to defence
  • Fixed: Karamja fishing spots were giving sharks instead of tuna and swordfish
  • Fixed: Scorpions and poison scorpions both had the same name

Also by popular demand we have added some flax to Taverley so people can try out ranging and fletching properly.

As we said yesterday, thankyou to the many players who have been giving us constructive feedback - you can expect continued fixes and changes.

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