RS2 bugfixes - part 3

Today's RS2 fixes and changes:

  • fixed: Sheep attacking you when you sheared them
  • fixed: Sometimes you didn't go through the Al Kharid gate after paying
  • fixed: High level cooks couldn't burn meat for the witch's potion quest
  • fixed: Monsters less than half your level were still attacking
  • fixed: The crumble undead spell didn't work
  • fixed: Players never got skulls for attacking other players with skulls
  • fixed: There were no woodcutting level requirements
  • fixed: The amulet of accuracy had no stats
  • fixed: Some fishing level requirements were wrong
  • fixed: You could walk off Falador castle and walk around in mid air
  • fixed: You could not get off ships in low detail mode
  • fixed: Wormbrain couldn't be killed with magic
  • fixed: You couldn't telegrab the items in the museum
  • fixed: Silverlight didn't have bonuses against demons
  • fixed: The highwayman told you to stand and deliver when already dead
  • fixed: Black axes were unwieldable
  • fixed: Druids respawned far too slowly

We also fixed a number of typos and small graphical issues which are not worth listing.

Also by popular request - the following monsters shouldn't block your way any more: hobgoblins, all types of spider, white wolves and greater demons.
Many monsters will still block. I may be making more monster types none blocking over the next week as well.

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