RS2 bugfixes - part 4

Hi - today we uploaded some more bug fixes

  • Fixed: If your bow wasn't good enough to fire an arrow it still deleted the arrow.
  • Fixed: Moss giants dropped large piles of mithril spears which appeared as 1 spear on the ground
  • Fixed: Lesser demons dropped larger piles of wine which appeared as 1 wine on the ground
  • Fixed: Superheat item used up runes whether you cast it on a valid target or not
  • Fixed: Players who were not let on Entrana could then not get on even when they disarmed
  • Fixed: Once you had started the dragonslayer quest Ned wouldn't sell rope or wigs
  • Fixed: You couldn't kill the tree spirit with magic
  • Fixed: The phoenix crossbow didn't fire bolts
  • Fixed: You could walk inside the wall next to the members gate near Taverley
  • Fixed: The range above the sword shop didn't work
  • Fixed: Swamp paste wasn't stackable
  • Fixed: Sometimes animations showed you holding the wrong object

The protection from magic spell prayer didn't affect bind, snare and entangle before, now it reduces the time these spells stay in effect for.
We have added the dragonstone chest to Taverley.

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