RSBot & Powerbot Sites To Be Shut Down

RSBot & Powerbot Sites To Be Shut Down

RSBot & Powerbot Sites To Be Shut Down

We are pleased to inform you that, following legal proceedings, RSBot, and the Powerbot website, will be shut down, and permanently closed by midnight on 3rd October 2020.

We take a zero-tolerance approach, both in and out of game, with bot users, developers and gold sellers. Simply put, we will never tolerate cheating in our games.

Today’s success follows on from our removal of the Arcus & Bogla Gold selling sites in 2019.

Those of you that have been with us for many years, will know that fighting botting and cheating has never been something we have shied away from. Whether it be the removal of the Wilderness in 2007, Bot Nuke Day in 2011, to the introduction of Bonds and our more recent efforts to bring Third Party Clients in line, we are forever committed to going the extra mile in tackling cheating.

Be sure that our efforts will not stop. We will relentlessly pursue all parties which threaten the integrity of our games. Service takedowns such as today, are only one of a series of different measures we undertake every day to ensure the security and enjoyment of our players in game.

Given its nature, a lot of our work simply must go on in the shadows, so we understand when our community might not see or feel visible progress being made. Trust us, that we are and will always have your back.

On the rare occasion when our work can be shared with you, like today, we wanted to give you this good news as soon as we could.

Thank you again for your continued support, both now and in the future.


Jagex Team