RuneScape 2 Beta is Here!

We are very pleased to announce that the RuneScape2 Beta has launched!

For the moment, only RuneScape Members can access this exclusive beta by clicking the link at the top of our front page.

Important Note!
There will initially be a large number of users trying to download the new RuneScape2 client - please be patient and do not restart your client download if it seems slow.

Since the RuneScape2 game window is larger than before, we advise that users running at a resolution of 800x600 use Internet Explorer's fullscreen option (press F11 or select 'View -> Full Screen') and then auto-hide the top navigation bar by right clicking on it and selecting 'auto-hide'.

Oh, and if you want to talk in colour try:
yellow:greetings froobs!

We hope that you enjoy testing RS2 - please send all feedback/bugs for this RS2 beta to our Forums rather than via Customer Support.


Andrew and the RuneScape Team

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