RuneScape 3 Now Live

RuneScape 3 Now Live

RuneScape 3 is here! A new age dawns today, kicking off with the Battle of Lumbridge. Along with the hugely customisable New Interface System, the chance for fame in Seasonal Hiscores, over 6 hours of new live performed music and a range of technical improvements, it's time to play RuneScape your way.

Please note: We strongly recommend that - regardless of your computer spec - you access the Battle of Lumbridge in the Java Client for your first log-in, rather than the HTML5 Beta.

The Battle of Lumbridge (free players and members)

Unless you're currently in tutorial mode, you'll be teleported straight to Lumbridge upon log-in. Once you're there, you'll see - in no uncertain terms - that the 6th Age has started with a bang.

You'll meet Kara-Meir upon arrival. She'll explain what has happened to the landscape surrounding Lumbridge; why all-out war has broken out between two powerful factions; and what you can do to help.


You'll be able to join one of the two factions, and to collect divine tears - fragments of condensed, Guthixian energy that can be gathered through combat and skilling, both on the battlefield and off.

Each day you can collect a set amount of divine tears for your faction - more if you're a member - and the side which has collected the most after ten weeks will emerge victorious.

Please note: the Battle of Lumbridge is a huge event spanning more than two months, which will change week to week depending on your actions. For full details of what you can do, speak to the NPCs in your faction's camp and in Lumbridge, and look out for notifications in-game.

For a full guide to the Battle of Lumbridge, you can take a look at the wiki. Be aware that there will be some visual spoilers, though - we strongly recommend logging in and taking a look around first!

There's also an FAQ that can be found on the forums. Again - bear in mind that there will be spoilers, so log in first and take a look around.

Battle of Lumbridge

Along with the opportunity to take part in this world-shaking battle and to take a hand in shaping the new age, there are some fantastic rewards on offer too. As you contribute divine tears to your cause, you'll earn renown, which can be exchanged by your faction's quartermaster for XP lamps, hybrid armour that scales with your Defence level up to 75, emotes, titles and much more. The selection of rewards will expand as the weeks go on, so be sure to take part for as long as the battle rages.

History is written by the victorious, and new worlds forged with courage and steel. Take part in the Battle of Lumbridge and leave your mark on RuneScape's 6th Age!

Seasonal Hiscores (members only)

Enjoy some time in the spotlight with Seasonal Hiscores. These hiscore tables are run over set periods of time and involve varied areas of RuneScape content, giving everyone - veteran or new player alike - the chance for their shot at glory. Compete for the chance to wear the Crown of Supremacy (and, once your reign's over, the Crown of Legends), and to earn emotes and titles worthy of your victory. You can view the seasonal hiscores in-game - via the Social tab.

The hiscores section of the website has been revamped too, along with the rest of the website. As well as the top player, clan and seasonal hiscores, you can also track the progress of the Battle of Lumbridge. Take a look at the hiscores page now!

New Interface System (free players and members)

Chances are you've already spent some time with the NIS in the beta, but our awesomely customisable interface system is now live! Whether you're a die-hard fighter, a super-efficient skiller or a wide-eyed explorer of RuneScape's vistas, every element of the interface is now yours to snap-to, resize and rearrange as you please.

If you aren't sure where to start, press 'Escape' and choose from a range of presets, geared towards combat players, skillers, and those who simply prefer the look of an old-school interface.

A full guide can be found on the wiki. If you have questions, there's also an FAQ. Get started now!

Technical Improvements (free players and members)

New audio technology means spectacular orchestral music in the game, composed by BAFTA winner James Hannigan and played by the Slovak Symphony Orchestra. Turn up your speakers or stick on your headphones!

You can also view your character in his or her full glory and experience RuneScape from a whole new viewpoint with our newly flexible camera. Zoom in and see what you think!

RuneScape 3 is just the beginning, and you are the driving force of its new age. While you're getting to grips with the new features, please keep sending us your feedback - we'll keep listening, and making the game that you want to see.

Please note: the HTML5 Client is still at beta stage. For those of you who want to try out the cutting-edge new client, we encourage you to continue testing it out, but please be aware that optimisation is still underway and performance may be affected.

Visit our RuneScape 3 Beta wiki page for information on the HTML5 Beta.

Any general RS3 questions? Take a look at our RS3 FAQ.


The RuneScape Team

Behind the Scenes Video

Take a look at our latest Behind the Scenes video here:

In Other News

  • From Friday, all non-skill-specific XP lamps on the Squeal of Fortune will be called prismatic lamps.
  • Solomon's stocking eight new armour override sets perfect for the Battle of Lumbridge. Visit Solomon's General Store now!

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