RuneScape Classic Temporarily Re-opening

Back in November, we opened RuneScape-Classic up to members for two weeks, and said at the time that we would have another re-opening in six months. So here it is, another chance to try the world of Classic!

RuneScape Classic is the original version of RuneScape as it was six years ago in 2004. Playing it gives an interesting look at just how far the game has evolved in the last six years, and has a real retro feel. Classic is not normally open for new users to play, and only ‘classic-enabled’ accounts can play RuneScape Classic.

For a limited period only, we are opening Classic up to new users again, and giving users another chance to ‘classic-enable’ their account. The re-opening period is Tuesday 1st June to Tuesday 15th June. It will work like this:

  • All RuneScape members will be able to log in to Classic during the re-opening period. Note that you must be a member in order to log in to Classic and to ‘Classic Enable’ your account.
  • If you log in to Classic during the re-opening period, your account will become ‘classic enabled’, and you will then continue to be able to log in to Classic even after the re-opening period ends.
  • If your membership lapses, you will not be able to log into Classic again until you become a member again. However, your account remains ‘classic enabled’ regardless of any membership lapses, so you won’t permanently lose your access by letting your membership lapse afterwards – it will return once you become a member again.

We are very glad to be able to offer RuneScape Classic to our members, and hope you enjoy it!

Mod Jack H
Tools Developer

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