RuneScape Classic: The Final Countdown

Ten years after RuneScape Classic proudly opened its gates to adventurers, it seems a fitting time to close them to new players and look forward to the next ten years. So, for the next two weeks, RuneScape Classic will be fully open and available to members, before formally retiring for new players. You can log into RuneScape Classic, by clicking here.

That’s not to say that we will be removing RuneScape Classic completely: it will be available as usual to members who have previously logged into Classic during their adventuring career. So, even if you have a passing curiosity in RuneScape Classic, we’d advise that you log in so that you can visit again at your leisure. You’ll get access to a Classic Cape if you do, so there’s a swish incentive for the undecided. To find out how to access the Classic Cape, click here.

Take a tour and you’ll find an old school version of RuneScape that has been surpassed in terms of graphics and content, but retains all of its original charm. Spot the difference between Classic and RuneScape, explore the original 50 quests, and trek across a world where Morytania was just a glimmer in the games designers’ eyes.

Mod Mark

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