RuneScape Gods Exposed Movie Poster Competition

As you will have read from last week’s “RuneScape Gods Exposed Monkey Voice Acting Competition” news article, one lucky RuneScape player will see themselves feature in the tenth instalment of TehNoobShow’s “RuneScape Gods Exposed” series; the everyday tale of three RuneScape Gods and their ongoing adventures with a hardcore warrior named Gonthorian, a jive talking racoon called Randy and the malevolent japery of Gielinor’s biggest idiots, Drufix and Zuthix.

People need to hear about a movie of this epic magnitude and so we're launching... the RuneScape Gods Exposed Movie Poster Competition!

We’re calling on artists, photoshoppers and those with a penchant for promotion to make us a movie poster advertising TehNoobShow’s latest thought provoking masterpiece.

The winner will see their poster feature in the RuneScape gallery, adorning fansites and the Cannes film festival. Ok, maybe not the Cannes film festival, but you get the idea!

We’ll also frame and send your winning entry to you along with a Christmas stocking full of great stuff and 12 months of RuneScape membership. Amazing.

You’ll find full entry details and an FAQ on the dedicated thread posted by Community Management’s very own Mod Hohbein.

Lights, camera... action!

Mod Paul M & Mod Hohbein
RuneScape Community Management

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