RuneScape Journey Competition: Win Lifetime Membership!

We've had a fantastic response to our recent video competition; so much so, in fact, that we thought it deserved an extra reward to show just how great your entries have been. Our My RuneScape Journey video competition winner will now receive lifetime membership!

That's right - the winner of our competition will never need to open their wallet to pay for next month's subscription, and can enjoy a carefree, membership-filled existence for life! If you've already entered the competition then you'll be pleased to know that you're already in the running to receive this prize!

We've extended the closing date for entries to the 10th, so everyone has a shot at this grand prize. On June 12th, once we have watched through all of your amazing submissions, we will place our top ten into a poll for you to decide which of your peers has had the most epic journey so far.

For those having problems coming up with ideas for their vlog, here are some suggested topics. You don’t have to stick to them, as long as it’s about your RuneScape journey or what is to come in RS3:

  • What you're most looking forward to in RuneScape 3
  • New features you'd like to see in RuneScape 3
  • Your most memorable RuneScape experience
  • How RuneScape overlaps into your day-to-day life
  • Why you play RuneScape
  • Your greatest RuneScape achievement so far
  • Best friend you have met in Gielinor

Once we have closed the competition we will make a compilation video, featuring our favourite entries.

What can I win?

If your video makes it into our compilation, you will win one month of membership. Additionally, the top three submissions - as judged by you - will receive £25 to spend in our Jagex Digital Merchandise Shop. Finally, whoever wins our poll (to be found on Facebook) will receive lifetime RuneScape membership!

How long should my video be?

Please make sure your video is no longer than 3 minutes long, though we would encourage you to make it as short and sweet as possible! (Vine & Viddy are great for this!)

What resolution should my video be in?

Preferably the highest resolution possible.

How will I know if I’m one of the top three?

You can keep an eye on the voting and head-to-head on the RuneScape Facebook page and will receive an e-mail if you are one of the finalists.

When does the competition end?

We've extended the closing date to Monday the 10th of June 23:59 GMT.

Where do I submit my video?

Please email your RuneScape display name - along with the URL of the video - to

If you haven't entered yet, there's still time. Get thinking, get creative, and get filming - show us what RuneScape really means to you!

Mod Rocket and the Community Team

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