RuneScape Latin American Spanish: Now Live

Today sees the release of RuneScape Latin American Spanish: our fifth localised version of the game. Spanish-speaking players can now enjoy RuneScape in dedicated game worlds with all in-game text translated, as well as a Latin American Spanish-language website and wiki. We'll be supporting this alongside the English, German, French and Brazilian Portuguese versions of the game for all future content.

Bear in mind that - as with the other language-specific versions of the game - RuneScape Latin American Spanish uses the same game save as the others. If you've completed a piece of non-repeatable content - such as a quest - in another language, you won't be able to complete it again in the new version of the game.

To access RuneScape Latin American Spanish, simply visit and select the Spanish flag from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page. Then, log in and start playing!


The RuneScape Team

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