RuneScape PT-BR 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

Hey, everyone!

On the 29th of August, we reached a very special milestone: the Brazilian Portuguese version of RuneScape turned 10 years old!

In addition to all the special events the PT-BR JMods have organized across social media and the Portuguese-speaking in-game worlds in the last few weeks, we have another little surprise for you: JMods React to Brazilian Food!

The Brazilian team prepared a selection of typical Brazilian snacks (and delicacies) for JMods of different nationalities to try, and the reactions were... well, we won't spoil the fun for you. Check it out for yourselves:

We hope that you've had a lot of fun this month! We at Jagex are EXTREMELY proud for having such dedicated players, who have been following our adventures in Gielinor since the very beginning. To all of you, a big thank you, and here's to the next 10 years!

Mod Danger, Mod Gemini, Mod Lynx, Mod Maths & all the RuneScape Team

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