RuneScape Q&A - Content Team

The next round of Q&A responses come from Mod Fetzki, the Head of RuneScape, and other members of the RuneScape Content Team, including Paul Gower.

The questions answered in this batch deal with the RuneScape game, what updates we have planned, and the choices that we have made about RuneScape's future. We’ve posted the questions and answers on this forum thread, so you can discuss the answers.

Mod Fetzki and Paul's live Q&A session will be held on the forums today, starting at 5pm (GMT). Players will be able to post questions in this thread; answers will be posted in this thread.

The RuneScape Content Team received a lot of questions, as you could probably imagine, so to make sure we get to answer as many as possible, we are also planning to publish a second batch of answers next week.

Mod Kelvin
Head of Community Management

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