Runesquares, Harpie Bugs and new potato recipes!

The Prince of Burthorpe is well known for his love of games and puzzles, and he's just learnt some new tricks! Runesquares and Runeversi are now available in the Burthorpe Games Room in addition to the usual games of Runelink and Draughts.

Runesquares involves players "drawing" lines in an attempt to create squares, scoring a point and gaining an extra turn for each square they complete. Runeversi is the Prince's version of Reversi, and uses the standard rules.

The stairs down to the Burthorpe Games Rooms can be found in the entrance hall of the Prince's Castle in Burthorpe, north-west of Falador. There is no entrance fee and there is a bar in which to relax between matches.


The natives of Karamja have been complaining recently of a new type of bug giving them a bit of trouble, so the slayer masters have decided to add this monster to their lists. Think you could help them out? If so, head to the northern coast of the island to find this new slayer monster (slayer level 33 required).

Beware: these bugs aren't easily hit, so you'll need to buy a special lantern from the slayer shops to distract them and make that killer blow!


Players can now use their culinary talents to make more baked potatoes. With toppings varying from a simple chilli-con-carne potato to a mushroom and onion fry-up, there's something for cooks of all levels. High-level cooks may find the tuna and sweetcorn potato to be very filling indeed...

Unfortunately, the ghasts in Mort Myre have got wind of this, and may now rot your potatoes - and your rare gout tubers - if you enter their swamp, so be extra careful.

To make baked potatoes with toppings:

    1. Bake the potato on a range.
    2. Add some butter.
    3. Combine topping ingredients by chopping them into a bowl.
Ingredients for toppings:
  • Chilli-con-carne: meat & spicy sauce (made from garlic and gnome spice).
  • Egg and tomato: scrambled egg, tomato.
  • Mushroom and onion: fried Bittercap mushroom, fried onion.
  • Tuna and sweetcorn: tuna, cooked sweetcorn.

In other news, the Strange Box anti-macro event has been modified to ensure that it no longer penalises our colour-blind players. You'll now see a variety of shapes with numbers written on them; identify the required shape or number to open the box.

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