Safecracking | Patch Notes

Safecracking | Patch Notes

It seems the Thieves’ Guild have upped their game, and are looking at bigger marks than level 1 men and women: they’re looking greedily at the Kings, Queens and bigwigs of Gielinor.

Safecracking is a new training method, unlocked after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest and related capers. From the safes you’ll get Thieving XP, cold hard cash and reward points. These points can be spent on gubbins like a consumable reward that protects you from being stunned, as well as an item that allows you to instantly remove all suspicion from one elf clan.

With Safecracking comes the addition of the master lockpick, a lockpick that will never break, as well as the master stethoscope, when purchased with reward points these can be placed on your toolbelt.

Safecracking is a simple, slightly AFK training method that is best described as elder trees for Thieving, 49 safes have been added across the game world, work with your friends to find them all!

Gold Premier club member? If so speak to the Guardian of the Vault to receive 500 Pilfer points!

Patch Notes

We have some pretty awesome patch notes to feast your eyes on, here's just a few of the highlights

- Your interfaces will no longer be closed in Dungeoneering when someone goes through a door.

- The Clan Setting interface is now an overlay, as a result you can now kick/assign rankups in your clan without worrying about your interface closing each time you do so.

- Dungeoneering token bags are now redeemed automatically when pickpocketing Meilyr workers.

- Teleporting with the Ectophial will no longer empty it.

This is just some of the patch notes, you can read the list in full here


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LootScape will be enabled, and the Game Jam created Nature’s Balance sword will be a guaranteed drop.

Get cracking with the update!

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