Salt in the Wound

“Though few questioned it, the unnatural sluggishness of that littoral settlement was an omen of vile significance. Never did I witness a more harrowing affair than in Witchaven, by the cruel water’s edge.”

The Temple Knights have long been at war with Mother Mallum and her mind-controlled minions, but after a recent breakthrough a solution is within sight. Somewhere within the labyrinthine chambers of Daemonheim a creature dwells, whose very essence is capable of disrupting the Slug Queen’s powers... but this isn’t a mission that can be faced alone.

With a more grown-up outlook on life and greater control over his abilities, Kennith will eagerly add his magic to your arsenal. The hygienically challenged Ezekial also returns, this time with a bit more bang! Finally, we have the fresh face and strong sword-arm of the Temple Knight Eva Cashien, who is keen to live up to the family name and to prove herself in battle.

Join forces, issue orders and work together with these heroes, taking the fight from the fishing platform where it all started to the slimy doorstep of the sea slugs. Infiltrate the newly surfaced Slug Citadel, and come face to face with Witchaven’s dreadful puppeteer.

If you can successfully achieve resolution in this, the last quest in the Sea Slug series, you’ll gain access to an increase in bound ammo storage within Daemonheim... as well as the XP, of course.

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Where to start Salt In The Wound:

Talk to Kennith in the east of the Daemonheim peninsula.

Requirements to start Salt In The Wound:

60 Defence
50 Constitution
47 Herblore
45 Summoning
35 Dungeoneering
Kennith's Concerns

In other news...

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