Sand Crabs & Soul Bearers

Sand Crabs & Soul Bearers
Sand Crabs & Soul-Bearers

This week in Old School we've got a few updates to Great Kourend, including a brand new low-level training spot and a miniquest! Make your way to Great Kourend today and take advantage of these lovely new additions.

Bare Your Soul & Soul Bearer

The soul bearer is here! No more will collecting the ensouled heads of your victims have to inconvenience you, simply send them straight to the bank with this handy demonic item.

The soul bearer can hold up to 1,000 charges, each charge costing one blood rune and one soul rune. Simply use the runes on the soul bearer to add charges. Every time you bank an ensouled head, one charge is consumed.

It is also possible to combine the charges of two soul bearers (up to a maximum of 1,000 charges on either soul bearer).

You can unlock the soul bearer by completing the 'Bare Your Soul' miniquest, started by finding the 'Soul Journey' book in the Arceuus library.

Sand crabs

A new critter has appeared in Zeah. Sand crabs, a creature ideal for low-level training, can be found along the southern coast of the Hosidius area in Great Kourend.

These crabs have low defence, high health and, due to being made of sand, cannonballs simply pass right through them.

In other news...

  • A dynamite store has opened for business near the Blast Mine in Lovakengj house.
  • Gilded armour and the scimitar are now useable on F2P worlds, but not the boots.
  • Sanfew serum can now be shared with the share potion spell.
  • Iron men & women may now purchase scrolls of redirection from the Nightmare Zone reward shop.
  • The login screen and title music have been reverted.
  • Adjusted the GE price of ballista pieces and dragon javelins to better reflect their current value.
  • The destination of the Ape Atoll necromancy teleport has been moved to the cave on the south of the island, rather than under the temple in Marim.

  • Bugfixes

  • Fixed a typo in the Architectural Alliance cutscene.
  • Corrected the level 40 magic level up message.
  • Brutal green dragons can now drop the ensouled dragon head.
  • The entry for Cod in the hitpoints skill guide now displays cod rather than crab meat.
  • Dark essence blocks placeholders within the bank are now permitted.
  • Removed unnecessary dialogue from Jarvald’s quick-travel option.
  • Elite western provinces diary reward information now refers to the correct slayer master.
  • The new crystal halberd (i) can now be uncharged.
  • Fixed a render issue with the tops of the water flowing into the crash site caverns.

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