Scream of Fortune: Tricks and Treats

Scream of Fortune: Tricks and Treats

Yelps has fully embraced Halloween, and to celebrate the occasion he’s adding 4 new prizes to be won on Scream of Fortune, all with a horrifying Halloween twist!

  • The Pumpkin Amulet glows with unearthly energy and doubles up to 68,800 XP earned while it's worn - in any skill! Even better, it works alongside the Scary Bonus XP Weekend for even more bonus XP!
  • The grotesque Ghoulish Mask is freakishly fiendish, and that’s before you use it to transform into a ghostly apparition. You can even right-click on the item while worn to transform and take a picture, to use as your gruesome new forum picture!
  • Taking a bite of a Toffee Apple restores some health and – this is where the tricks and treats come in – also has a random effect!
  • Only members can gorge on a Sugar Skull, which restores more health than a Toffee Apple. Look out for that random trick or treat effect!

The newly Halloween-themed Scream of Fortune hosts these items from Friday, October 26th at 00:00 GMT until Monday, November 5th at 23:59 GMT.

That’s not all...

In the run-up to Halloween, Yelps is giving you an increased chance to win these ghoulish goodies! For the first six days of this promotion it’s much more likely that you’ll bag one of these limited-edition items. Once Halloween has been and gone – that’s after Wednesday, October 31st, 23:59 GMT – the items will remain on the wheel for an additional five days, but as the Halloween atmosphere squirms back into the darkness for another year, your chances of winning them will be slimmer.

If you want more than your daily spins to win as many of these petrifying prizes as possible, you can purchase spins here, or by clicking “Buy Spins” next to the wheel in Scream of Fortune. You can also check out our Squeal of Fortune wiki for other ways of getting extra spins.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News:

It will no longer be possible to claim Sizzling Summer items for free from Solomon's Store after the 6th of November. If you're eligible and you haven't already claimed your items, be sure to do so before then!

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