Show Us Your Clan Pride!

Over the 10 years that RuneScape has existed there have always been clans and, with the “year of clans” having being the best one yet, we want to showcase and celebrate the efforts that clans make to show off their loyalty and sense of style! This isn’t just through cabbage bombs, vexillum parades and tours of their Citadel, but real-life dedication and hard work as well.

We’re looking for all of the real-life equipment or supplies that you and your clan have made in the real world to show off your clan’s pride while shopping, at work or just around the house. This could be t-shirts, hoodies, hats, badges, vexillums, mouse mats, banners or anything else that you or your clan has made or intends to make! We’ll be showing off the pictures and items sent to us on Facebook, Twitter and on the official RuneScape forums with a final news post to show off the gallery of pictures that we receive.

Not only can you send in pictures of you or your clan wearing this equipment or showing off their supplies; if you send a sample of these to us, we’ll get a J-Mod to model whatever you send in and upload the picture to our gallery. Ever wanted Mod Poppy to wear your clan t-shirt? Fancy seeing Mod Mark strutting around in your clan’s hat? We can make that happen and then show you the pictures!

To send us a picture of your clan’s equipment and supplies, e-mail with ‘Clan Pride’ in the subject header. For details, including how to send the real items, please check out our forum thread.

Mod Timbo

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