Sizzling Summer – Choose Your Fate & Promissory Note

With the arrival of October we see the next stage of rewards for the Sizzling Summer event. Players that had an active subscription throughout September will today be receiving a promissory note upon login; this item will give them a whopping 350,000 XP to spend in the skills of their choice.

For players that had an active subscription throughout August and September, they will receive a promissory note (or an upgrade to their previous promissory note if they have yet to use it) worth a staggering 700,000 XP to spend where they desire.

Additionally, those players with a subscription throughout August and September will receive, at some point after login, a strange deck of fate cards. Clicking these cards will allow the player to Choose Their Fate by selecting from a number of powerful abilities:

Dodging Death – Selecting this ability gives the player an item that, when the player dies at the hands of a monster, with this item in their inventory, will immediately restore them to life on full health.

Instakill Dart – Selecting this ability allows the player to wield an item, which will kill any monster instantly (as the name suggests).

Insta Heal – Selecting this ability gives you the Emergency Healing Box, which will heal you and everyone else within 3 squares around you, to full health. Or use it on a friend to heal them and everyone around them.

Remote Banking – Selecting this ability gives you an item that will create a bank deposit box for the next hour, meaning you don’t need to keep running to the bank to deposit items.

These items are all 1 use only, are consumed on use and do not work in PvP areas.

These items will appear in the inventory of everyone eligible at some point today, please be patient as these will be added manually. All abilities must be used by the 31st December 2012, or they will be lost.

See the FAQ and the Wiki for more information.

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