Skill Tutors

This week the Duke of Lumbridge has recruited a number of tutors to help our new players, both F2P and members. Adventurers fresh from Tutorial Island can often find themselves a bit lost in Lumbridge, so he decided to offer a bit of a helping hand.

The tutors (marked with a "?" icon on your minimap) are mostly based in Lumbridge, with just one residing in Varrock. As well as offering free advice on skills at any level, they also give you basic equipment should you lose it and even some training weapons and basic supplies.
Other additions include:

  • A Lumbridge bank, found at the top of Lumbridge Castle.
  • A revamp of the way signposts work.
  • A glassblower on Entrana.
  • An improved Newcomer map - to offer more information on where you are in the world.
    Available from certain General Stores.
  • Useful reminders on what to do if you should happen to die while young.
  • A free teleport to help the lost adventurer who has no clue where they are.
    Please note ľ this teleport cannot be used to evade combat.

Along with the new guides you'll find the swamps south of Lumbridge have received a bit of landscaping with more rocks being exposed for mining, new fishing spots in the river and Father Uhrney moving his hut even further away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With all this recent tectonic movement going on, a small island has appeared in the middle of the River Lum enabling those crossbow-equipped adventurers to cross to Al Kharid and back.