Skills, Duels and the Kalphite

Skill Guides

Given the popularity of our recent quest journals update, we've now also introduced quick levelup guides for the various skills. Clicking on a skill in your stats menu will now bring up a table of the various advancements you have available to you at each level. We hope these will give you a quick way to check what you are working towards whilst playing.

Repeatable Skills

We've now improved the controls for various skills in the game. Where before you may have had to tell your character to make various items one at a time, many interfaces now include right-click options that allow you to produce whole batches without wearing your fingers away.
You can then watch your character make the items, as you already do when smithing bars.

There are now "make five", "make ten" and "make x" right-click options on the following;

  • Spinning wheels
  • Glass making
  • Leather crafting
  • Pottery wheels
  • Silver crafting
  • Fletching
  • Furnaces now have an option to left-click on them, which brings up an interface for you to select the quantity and type of ore you wish to smelt.

    Duel Arena Scoreboard

    Examining the scoreboard at the front of the duel arena now shows the results of the last 50 duels on that server.

    Kalphite Queen New Attack

    The Kalphite queen has added a new attack to her arsenal. This ferocious creature was only ever intended to be killable by teams of players, thus keeping the dragon chain as a very rare and valuable item, and encouraging people to work together.
    However, some players were starting to find methods to take her down single handed, so the queen has evolved a new ranged attack; barbed spines, which she may launch at her victims.

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