Slayer Cave & High Risk Worlds

Slayer Cave & High Risk Worlds

This week's update introduces High Risk PKing worlds, the Stronghold Slayer Cave and another batch of Slayer Rewards.

Worlds 337 (PvP) & 365 are now High Risk worlds. While on these worlds you can NOT activate the Protect Item prayer. You will receive a warning before logging into PvP & High Risk worlds.

The Stronghold Slayer Cave is a vast network of tunnels recently discovered beneath the Gnome Stronghold. Nieve guards this cave and will only allow you to fight monsters assigned to you by a Slayer Master. The Slayer Ring has a new teleport option to the entrance of the cave.

Another batch of Slayer Rewards sees eight more features added to the slayer points store; you can now unlock larger amounts of Ankou, Suqah, Spiritual Mages, Black & Metal Dragons and Abyssal, Greater & Black Demons. These can be turned off at any time but will not refund your points.

The Leaf-bladed Sword is now available as a drop from Kurask & Turoth, requiring 50 Attack and 55 Slayer to wield.

In other news...

  • The Armadyl crossbow no longer uses special attack energy when you have no ammo equipped.
  • The Armadyl helmet's model has been improved slightly for female characters.
  • Toggling Auto Retaliate no longer disrupts movement.
  • A portion of the dock on Entrana is no longer sinking.
  • You can now destroy Explorer's Notes.
  • Emerald Benedict will no longer disappear under certain conditions.
  • Routefinding at Jatizso bank has been significantly improved.
  • Routefinding at Yanille bank has been improved.
  • The Steam Battlestaff now properly checks for runes in your inventory.
  • The Compare users feature on the hiscores is now functioning correctly.

Over the next week we'll be finishing off the Cave Kraken, the level 87 Slayer monster that will live in the new cave. We'll also get started on some of the quality-of-life jobs from Content Poll #15.

Tune in to our next Q&A livestream tonight at 5pm GMT as we discuss Nightmare Zone XP Rates.

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Mods Ash, John C, Mat K & Reach The Old School RuneScape Team