Sleeping bags and pickaxes

Today's update adds the much requested sleeping bags to RuneScape! These allow you to quickly recover your fatigue without having to walk all the way to a bed. Now you can finally pull those all-nighter fishing sessions you've been dreaming of.

As well as adding a touch of realism to the game, the fatigue system is also designed to stop people cheating using macro software. To wake-up from your slumber you will therefore have to answer a very simple challenge which should be easy to answer, but hard for cheats to automate.

This will make things much more difficult for all those cheaters who've been trying to ruin the game for everyone else. To ensure maximum protection we've also adjusted fatigue slightly so you get VERY SMALL amounts of fatigue on other skills. However it literally only takes a few seconds to recover using a sleeping bag, so this really shouldn't impact on the game negatively.

Sleeping bags are on sale at all General Stores throughout RuneScape.

We've also made some changes to the mining system.

a) Since fatigue is now extremely easy to recover we've also put the rocks back to how they were before we changed them. Hard/soft-rocks don't make much sense now fatigue is so much easier to recover.

b) We've added another much requested feature - different types of pickaxes! These take the repetative clicking out of mining with rune-pickaxes hitting the rock 12 times per click!

c) We have kept the ores showing up as different colours in the rocks, so you don't waste time mining empty rocks.

Please may I ask that everyone tries this new system properly BEFORE commenting on it this time (e.g wait at least 24 hours before sending us feedback). Feedback from players who haven't actually used the system they are commenting on, is obviously utterly useless to us.

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