Snowverload & Dominion Tower Rumble Mode

Snowverload & Dominion Tower Rumble Mode

Love a big boss battle? This is the week for you.

We've opened up Dominion Tower's new Rumble Mode, where you'll fight packs of bosses all at once - either solo or with friends - and seek glory on the scoreboards by surviving as long as possible. We've added a swathe of fiendish bosses to the tower as a whole, too, and beefed up many of the rewards.

We've also unleashed the ice-cold wrath of Snowverload - a frosty boss for the festive season.

Read on to find out more.

Dominion Tower

Rumble Mode

Rumble Mode is a new way to do battle in the Dominion Tower, accessible by clicking the stairs in the tower's lobby and selecting it from the interface. You can create a new Rumble Mode instance, or join an existing one - although note that it is possible to set entry requirements and a pass number when creating a game.

The aim is simply to survive - as long as you can - against a brutal, never-ending onslaught of bosses. You'll do this while contending with random events - swarms of evil chickens, tornadoes, wizards, and sheets of flame from the Sunfreet.

There are four special power-ups for the mode, too:

  • Booster orb: doubles Dominion Factor gain for the user for 30 seconds.
  • Vigorous orb: grants infinite adrenaline to the user for 30 seconds.
  • Healing orb: heals all players' life points and prayer points by 50% of maximum.
  • Volatile orb: imparts a random effect. More likely to be beneficial than not, but risky nonetheless.

Rumble Mode can be played solo or with up to five players. The cap on bosses increases the more players are involved in the battle - up to ten for a four or five-player instance.

When a player dies, they are removed and can only watch in spectator mode, but note that this does not decrease the cap on bosses for the instance. It's in your interest to keep your teammates alive!

Dominion Tower Face

New Bosses

12 new boss encounters have been added to the tower, which are accessible in Climber, Endurance and Rumble Modes, then in Freestyle once they're defeated in one of those.

Note that the quests they're related to now count towards the Dominion Tower's entry requirements:

  • Apep and Heru (Diamond in the Rough)
  • Vanstrom (The Branches of Darkmeyer)
  • Char (The Firemakers’ Curse)
  • Dawn (Death of Chivalry)
  • Khazard and allies (Ritual of the Mahjarrat)
  • Zemouregal and Enakhra (The World Wakes)
  • Yelps (The Mighty Fall)
  • Lol (The Mighty Fall)
  • Chaos Grimmson and Hreidmar (Birthright of the Dwarves)
  • Echo of Jas (One of a Kind)
  • Dragon Hunters (One of a Kind)
  • Nial Swiftfling (Glorious Memories)


Dreadnips can now have their combat styles switched - just right-click them to make the change. They're better at finding their targets, too.

Dominion Markers now grant you increased combat stats and - from tier 2 up - a prayer bonus when planted.

There's also a new upgrade tier for the Dominion Medallion, meaning better stats, more teleports to the tower, and a style-universal accuracy buff. Rack up 1800 kills in Rumble Mode to unlock it. Please note that the double kill counts for unlocks bonus that's active this weekend will not work for unlocking this new item tier.

Snowverload - Christmas Boss

Members only

A bulbous shape is forming in the winter gloom; wicked cackles drifting on the frigid breeze. Snowverload - the player-named seasonal boss - is here, and he's ready to put you on ice!

This frosty monstrosity will manifest every three hours, at the same time as the tinsel snake event. He can appear just north of Falador, in the Varrock Grand Exchange, south of the Clan Camp, or near Draynor Village.

Snowverload is impervious to regular attacks. The only way to weaken him is to take snow from his body (right click on him to do this), and equip the snowballs you receive and pelt him with them.

Dodge his deadly attacks and keep up your snowy onslaught and he'll gradually reduce in size. Once he's been sufficiently weakened, he'll start to move from his original spot.

Once this happens, it's up to you to lure him to the Lumbridge Crater, where the most festive of heroes will step in to vanquish Snowverload…until he returns.

Everyone who contributes to taking down Snowverload will receive two festive paper, and will be able to deliver a second present that day.

Have Fun!

Have a brilliant week of boss bashing and look out for more festive cheer to come. If you haven't already, read about Winter Weekends - particularly the Minigames Weekends that starts on the 12th, featuring Dominion Tower bonuses.

Enjoy, and join in the discussion on the forums.

Mod Chris L, Mod Wilson and the RuneScape Team

In Other News

Read the patch notes for other updates released today.

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