Solomon’s General Store – Easter Emotes

Solomon’s General Store – Easter Emotes

Greetings, adventurer.

With Easter almost upon us, it’s only fitting my latest release should follow that theme. This week, I present Easter emotes!

Two new holiday emotes are available, featuring a playful batch of bunnies. With the Cute Bunny emote, treat a reluctant rabbit to a delicious carrot – but beware that word of your generosity may spread quickly! A more cunning cottontail is encountered with the Sneaky Bunny emote, who may cut short any celebrations upon your discovery of a prized Easter egg.

Both Easter emotes are available now, so please do visit Solomon's General Store for a closer look. If you would like more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds in-game. Alternatively, you can purchase additional RuneCoins on our billing page, or by clicking 'Buy RuneCoins' inside my store. Finally, feel free to visit me in-game, just south of the Grand Exchange!

Until next time.