Solomonís General Store: Adopt a Companion

Greetings, adventurer.

The bravest among you may have tried your hand at taking on Vorago, the newest colossal entity to appear in Gielinor.


What you may be unaware of is that pieces of him can break off, and these pieces have minds of their own! Indeed, you can now adopt one as a pet Ė I present to you the Vorago Shard.

This fabulous rocky companion is yours to adopt and accompany you throughout Gielinor. The Vorago Shard is the first companion pet. Companion pets perform a unique emote on your command, and can be recoloured to your liking.

Note that the Vorago Shard is distinct from the recently released Vitalis follower pet.

For details of the various pet categories now in the game, please see this convenient FAQ.

This marvellous new pet is available from my store now, so please do drop in at your earliest convenience. If you wish to purchase additional RuneCoins, you can do so here or by clicking ĎBuy RuneCoinsí inside my store.

Until next time.


The free item for members is currently the Parasol 2h Sword.

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