Solomon's Store: New Hairstyles

Good day to you sir, madam Ė very pleased to see you again!

It is with great delight that I present to you the latest additions to my General Store Ė and what a treat we have! There are ten fabulous hairstyles for women, as well as eight smart cuts and two sets of facial hair for men, showcasing styles from across Gielinor.

Firstly, one for the ladies with the Tribal Braids. This very rare hairstyle is believed to have originated from the eldest daughters of nomad chieftains in the Second Age, and comes replete with feathers and colours of your choice.

Perhaps something refined and elegant? The Flower of Lletya might be for you, madam. A mid-length wavy hairstyle, adorned with a flower freshly picked from the gardens of Lletya - said never to wilt!

For the gentlemen, we start with the Spike Trap: a very popular hairstyle among our more youthful customers, requiring attention to detail and good hair gel.

Alternatively, we have the latest fashion trend from Piscatoris, the Falcon Claw, a two-toned set of short cornrows, available in a wide selection of colours.

If none of the above enthuses, then mayhap this fine beard is for you, sir! This Award-Winning Beard, adorned with a medallion, received the Golden Comb at the Keldagrim Beard Awards, Year 169.

These and a host of other fine hairstyles are now available, so please peruse at your leisure!

Remember - if youíve yet to visit my store, why not drop in and receive 200 RuneCoins absolutely free? You can also buy additional RuneCoins here. Donít forget that I also offer a 10% discount on all items, only for members!

Until next time.


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