Spin and Win on the Squeal of Fortune!

Feeling lucky? We're proud to present the Squeal of Fortune: a game of chance available to free players once daily, and members twice per day. There are some fantastic prizes on offer: some exclusive; some powerful; and some...well...nutritious, at least. Everyone's a winner, and it's quick and easy to play every day!

As soon as you log in, you’ll be greeted by Yelps, the host of Squeal of Fortune. Interact with him to start things spinning, and then hit the big, red button see what you’ve won.

Each time you play, you'll see a selection of items to win, randomly chosen from Yelps's huge stash of loot. There’ll always be a grand prize, such as a godsword, some dragon equipment, a hefty XP lamp or an eye-watering number of GP, so there’s a chance to win big every time.

There's also a range of exclusive items that can only be obtained through Squeal of Fortune, including a goblin hat, demonic horns and some amazing head tattoos.

There are many practical prizes on offer to help you on your adventures too, including gems, coins, arrows and magic runes. Even if you don’t get that shiny swag you had your eye on, there'll always be tomorrow – and you can never have too many cabbages.

Good luck, and have fun!

Further Details

  • To play, log into the game, and click the interface icon that appears on-screen. You can drag this anywhere on the screen, and it will appear in that position whenever you log in. The button will disappear for the day once you used your available spins.
  • Members can spin twice per day, and free players once. This resets at midnight, GMT/BST.
  • Please note that many of the more illustrious items to be won in Squeal of Fortune are non-tradable.
  • Take a look at our forum FAQ if you have further questions.

Mod Nexus

In Other News

  • We’ve added voice overs to NPCs in the Troll Warzone area, including two voiced by the winners of our recent competition. Pump up the volume and take a tour of the town!
  • There are now server-wide announcements, broadcast when a player achieves something particularly outstanding. You can stop these being broadcast from yourself by switching off your private chat. Please note – if you have private chat off at the time of the update and wish to block announcements, you’ll need to switch private chat on and then off again. You can also filter out announcements from other players through the "Game" filter options in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
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