Squeal of Fortune – Extra Spins

There are new ways to earn additional, free spins through playing RuneScape:

  • Squeal of Fortune prizes: Tickets for two extra spins can be won as prizes on the Squeal of Fortune itself.
  • Monster drops: Most monsters around the world now have a rare chance of dropping a spin ticket (a single-use item that adds an extra spin to your allowance), with the exception of creatures in minigames and Dungeoneering.
  • Non-combat skilling activities: Any activity that can score you a Shattered Heart strange rock also has a separate, rare chance to earn an extra Squeal spin – added right on to your current spin count.
  • Weekly Distractions & Diversions: Each week, one of four D&Ds will give a guaranteed spin for completing a particular action within the D&D. Regular details of which D&D will earn you a weekly spin can be found on the Squeal of Fortune reward screen. The four D&Ds, and the required actions within them, are as follows:
    • Circus: Complete any one of the four performances: Magic, Ranged, Agility or Firemaking.
    • Penguin Hide and Seek: Exchange penguin points for coins or XP by speaking to Larry or Chuck.
    • Evil Tree: Attack the evil tree.
    • Shooting Star: Mine any star, and receive XP from doing so.
  • The Monthly D&D – Troll Invasion: Starting your first Troll Invasion attempt of the month, either as a combatant or a skiller, will earn you an extra Squeal spin.

Being a RuneScape subscriber is another great way to get more chances to win. Members get 2 free daily spins rather than just 1, and have exclusive access to the D&Ds listed above. Also, members have access to 182 great quests!

If you require more spins, or simply prefer to save some time, you can purchase various spin packages. to do this, simply click the "buy spins" button within the Squeal of Fortune interface.

Finally, soon you will also be able to earn free Squeal spins as rewards for completing any quests. The team are working hard on this feature, and we expect to be able to provide it to you before the end of April.

When you spin the Squeal of Fortune, your free, daily spins will be used first, following by the spins you earned through RuneScape gameplay. Finally, any purchased spins will always be used last. Here's an insider's tip - if you want to spin faster, just double-click the big, red button to stop the wheel early!

For further information on the Squeal of Fortune extra spins, click here to view our forum FAQ.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

  • It’s no longer necessary to log out and back in to access the Squeal of Fortune interface once it’s closed. You’ll find a Squeal of Fortune button in the bottom-right corner of the game screen.
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