Squeal of Fortune – Starfall

Squeal of Fortune – Starfall

You'll get more XP from fallen stars on the Squeal of Fortune this week, and you'll find them in new sizes too!

Lamps are taking a holiday, and in their place are fallen stars: including two new sizes: small and medium. Regular and bright fallen stars are to be known as large and huge fallen stars respectively.

If you've not picked up a fallen star before, they're really simple to use. Just click on them to claim bonus XP in the star's related skill (or your choice if it's a prismatic star). You'll get more XP than you would for an XP lamp, but it'll be given out gradually as you train that skill.

Best of all, for this weekend all fallen stars are 50% more effective than usual! That’s 50% more XP to be gained!

All sizes of fallen star are available for every skill – plus prismatic versions – and the increased XP and replacement of lamps lasts from Friday 10th January 00:00 GMT until Monday 20th January 23:59 GMT. In a different time zone? Convert this to your local time here.

Everyone gets at least one spin per day, and can earn more through gameplay. Visit the wiki to find out how.

If you'd like more, you can purchase spins here, by redeeming Bonds in-game, or by clicking 'Add Spins' in the Squeal of Fortune interface. You can also get a total of three spins per day - as well as a host of other great benefits - by joining the Premier Club!

The RuneScape Team

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