Squeal of Fortune: Alchemist’s Amulet Returns

Squeal of Fortune: Alchemist’s Amulet Returns

It’s back, bigger and better – the alchemist’s amulet returns to Squeal of Fortune.

Starting today, amulet fragments will appear on the Squeal of Fortune. The core idea is the same: collect up to 10 fragments and transform them into an alchemist’s amulet and a bundle of gold coins. If you use 1-9 fragments to create the amulet, it’ll be cosmetic, but collecting and transforming 10 fragments gets you a special amulet with some handy functions thrown in. Also, you get more gold the more fragments you use.

Alchemist's Amulet Returns

So what’s bigger and better this time?

Firstly, the amulets have new names and new looks. Transform between 1 and 9 fragments to get hold of a cosmetic shining alchemist’s amulet. Transform the full set of 10 fragments to receive the almighty radiant alchemist's amulet.

Secondly, the amount of gold rewarded upon transformation is now proportional to your total skill level, as well as the fragments used. The higher your levels, the more gold you’ll receive!

Thirdly, the radiant alchemist’s amulet grants 15 High Level Alchemy spells and 1 free teleport to the Grand Exchange every day.

And last – but definitely not least – you’ll find a transmutation tablet up for grabs. Convert your 1-10 amulet fragments with the tablet in your possession and it will be consumed, but your resulting gold will be doubled. With all ten pieces and a transmutation tablet, there’s potential to receive up to 5,400,000 gold!

Amulet fragments and transmutation tablets will be available from Squeal of Fortune between Friday 17th May 2013 00:00 GMT and Monday 27th May 23:59 GMT. You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

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