Squeal of Fortune: Prize Refresh & Prismatic Pendants

Squeal of Fortune: Prize Refresh & Prismatic Pendants

Squeal of Fortune has been given an upgrade! Alongside a dazzling new look, Yelps has overhauled the prizes across the board – not only which items are up for grabs, but how often you’ll win them, too.

The changes include:

  • Rare items are still rare, but not as rare as before!
  • Some smaller prizes have been completely removed and replaced with more useful items.
  • You’ll win more prizes that are tailored specifically to your skill levels.

Pendants of Skill have also been upgraded – the total amount of bonus XP that each pendant gives has been increased. Once you have a pendant, you no longer need to throw it away once it’s run out of charge. One regular and one prized pendant in each skill is all you’ll ever need as – thanks to recharge gems - you can simply recharge your pendant once it’s run out!

New to Squeal of Fortune are Prismatic Pendants. These chromatically cool accoutrements can be converted into any skill pendant that you don't already own, and come in regular and prized varieties.

Prismatic Pendants are already on the wheel and up for grabs, and to be in with an even better chance of winning any skill pendant on the wheel - including these - be sure to spin this weekend. Between Friday 16th November at 00:00 GMT and Monday 19th November 23:59 GMT, you’re more likely to bag yourself a pendant and get an XP boost in your favourite skill!

For any questions you may have, check out our official FAQ and the Squeal of Fortune wiki for info on the new wheel and Prismatic Pendants.

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking “Add Spins” next to the wheel in Squeal of Fortune. Don’t forget – the Squeal of Fortune wiki features additional methods of getting extra spins.

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