Squeal of Fortune: Ramokee Outfit & D&D Tokens

Squeal of Fortune: Ramokee Outfit & D&D Tokens

To coincide with the release of Sinkholes, Yelps has added a Ramokee outfit to Squeal of Fortune. Inspired by the rogue Gorajo encountered in the dungeons of Daemonheim, this five-piece cosmetic outfit is up for grabs – and you’ll have an increased chance of winning it this weekend!

What’s more, Yelps is bringing D&D Tokens back to Squeal of Fortune, allowing you to jump into a Distraction & Diversion when its cooldown period is still in effect.

Distractions and Diversions are a great way to earn some awesome XP rewards, and you can enjoy them no matter your level, or how much time you have to play. Most only take a few minutes per go, and can yield rich rewards of XP, coins or items, depending on how skilled you are, but they're usually limited to one or a few attempts in a given time - be it a day, week or month.

This is where D&D tokens come in. They give you additional chances to play D&Ds, when usually you'd have to wait. For example: a skilled, high-level player who completes the Troll Invasion D&D can earn anywhere up to 114,000 XP per month for beating back waves of trolls, depending on how long they survive, the skill they choose for their reward and their level in that skill. A Troll Invasion D&D token would mean another chance to do battle with the trolls - and anywhere up to 228,000 XP in total! The rewards vary, but one thing is always the same: D&D tokens get you extra chances to earn generous rewards appropriate to your level and to your performance.

Tokens for God Statues and the brand new Dungeoneering-inspired Sinkholes D&D have been added into the mix, meaning you can build your four God Statues again in the same month, or jump into Sinkholes two additional times every day. In addition, universal tokens in daily, weekly and monthly varieties that can be used across all compatible Distractions & Diversions have been introduced.

Check out the official FAQ if you have any questions.

D&D Tokens are available on the wheel starting Friday 8th February 00:00 GMT until Monday 11th February 23:59 GMT. Your increased chance to win the Ramokee outfit runs through the same time period.

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking 'Add Spins' next to the wheel in Squeal of Fortune. Don’t forget that subscribing will bag you two daily spins instead of one!

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