Squeal of Fortune: Summoning Wheel

Squeal of Fortune: Summoning Wheel

Summoning brings with it some massively helpful perks and bonuses. If you're looking to make some headway in your Summoning skill - perhaps to help unlock that awesome familiar you've been working towards - Yelps has it covered. It’s all Summoning, all this weekend on the Squeal of Fortune!

This Summoning spectacular brings of a range of bonuses:

  • All gold prizes (with the exception of the 200 million jackpot) have been swapped out for spirit shards for the weekend. Not only are the shards we're offering crucial for making Summoning pouches - they’re worth double the gold they’re replacing!
  • Secondly, you’ll have an increased chance of winning Summoning training material packs all weekend, as well as pouches tailored to your specific level. There'll also be a rare chance to win some of the more sought-after pouches that you wouldn't ordinarily find on the Squeal of Fortune - also tailored to your level - including pack yaks, obsidian golems, war tortoises, and more!
  • Finally, use an XP lamp on your Summoning skill and it’ll yield double XP! This applies to both Summoning-specific and regular lamps.

You’ll find all of these on the Squeal of Fortune, starting Friday 25th January 00:00 GMT until Monday 28th January 23:59 GMT. You can purchase spins here, or by clicking 'Add Spins' next to the wheel in Squeal of Fortune. Don’t forget that subscribing will bag you two daily spins instead of one!

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