Squeal of Fortune: Tradeable Christmas Gifts

Squeal of Fortune: Tradeable Christmas Gifts

Santa’s sleigh has been hit by turbulence, scattering Christmas gifts across Gielinor. Collect sets of these presents to claim some fine festive fare – including a new rare cosmetic item!

Depending on which combination of missing presents you collect, you can get mince pies; mistletoe, complete with a kiss emote; a Christmas pudding amulet that grants bonus XP as you train; or a rare, tradeable Christmas tree hat! Claim a reward for a single present, or collect a set of up to five different presents for even better rewards! The presents are tradeable player-to-player - although not on the Grand Exchange - so meet up and get swapping to collect all five different colours! While blue and green presents can be used by free players and members, the red, white and purple presents are for members only.

tradeable gift rewards

Like strange rocks, the missing gifts can be found randomly on monsters, or while skilling. They can also be won on the Squeal of Fortune itself. The presents will be dropping in the world and will be available on the Squeal of Fortune between Wednesday 19th December 00:00 GMT until Monday 31st December 23:59 GMT.

Inspect a present for information on how to swap it for a reward or combine it into a set. If you still have presents in your possession in the new year, you’ll still be able to trade them in for rewards until Tuesday January 14th 2013; after then, the presents will disappear. Full details can be found on the official FAQ.

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking “Add Spins” next to the wheel in Squeal of Fortune. Don’t forget that subscribing will bag you two daily spins instead of one. If you’re hunting for ways of getting extra spins, check out our Squeal of Fortune wiki page.

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