Steam Beta Announcement

Steam Beta Announcement
To prepare for Old School's Steam launch we want you to help test a new client!

Steam Beta Announcement

Way back in September we announced that Old School RuneScape was coming to Steam. Since then, RuneScape had an incredibly successful release (gratz again!) and we're gearing up to join them. We're still some way from releasing on Steam, but first we really need your help.

Here's the thing. Our official client, made in Java, doesn't work very well with some of Steam's core features. So, we've been working on a new game client built in C++. In addition to playing nicely with Steam, features such as GPU support will boost performance, and your FPS will now be capped to your display's refresh rate. All in all it'll make Gielinor a far more welcoming place.

This is where you come in. A Closed Beta test will kick off later today! You can sign up by registering your interest here . The Beta will be conducted through Steam, and chosen testers will be sent an email containing a Steam key and instructions. It's worth noting that at this stage the beta is Windows only. You'll want to know how you can tell whether the email is legit. The email from us will contain your RuneScape name, a Steam key, it'll contain links to our FAQ, and most importantly - it won't ask you to enter your RuneScape login information anywhere!

We know you've probably got a lot of questions, and we've put together this FAQ  to hopefully answer them. We'll continue to update this as commonly asked questions emerge.

We can’t wait for you to get stuck in and break it! Tell us what’s wrong, tell us what needs to be fixed, and help make our Steam release awesome!

Click to expand this section below to get a simple breakdown of the things you need to know and known feedback.

What you need to know:

  • We'll start sending the first batch of invitations later today. We're going to keep the batches at a manageable number (in their hundreds) to ensure we can focus on getting quality feedback.
  • If you're not invited, don't worry! We'll send more invitations when we're ready to do so.
  • There isn't yet an end date for this beta test. We'll keep it open for as long as we need feedback and data. We'll communicate any changes well in advance.
  • Logging in with the client on Steam will link your Steam account to a RuneScape account. Only one RuneScape account can be linked with your Steam account. If you want to play using another RuneScape account you'll need to unlink your Steam account. There are instructions for doing that below. When you first launch the client with Steam you'll be prompted to either log in with an existing RuneScape account or create a new RuneScape account. Whichever option you choose will result in the RuneScape account being linked with your Steam account.

Known feedback:

  • The initial game launch is in a small window, with the Steam overlay inside which makes it difficult to see and use. 

Unlinking your Steam account guide:

If you want to unlink your account you'll need to access your Account Settings via the Old School website.

When prompted to log in to your account settings you should Log in with Steam.

This will prompt you to log in to your Steam account. Enter your Steam username and password and Sign In.

Allow Jagex permission to your SteamID.

In your account settings click the Linked Accounts option.

Manage Steam when prompted with your linked and unlinked social accounts.

Un-Link your Steam account to complete the unlinking process.

When you next open the game client via Steam you'll be able to log in with another RuneScape account!

The Old School Team