Streaming this weekend!

Streaming this weekend!

There are a huge amount of really entertaining streamers on Twitch TV who put a lot of effort into entertaining our community. This weekend there are a whole host of streams going on, support these guys by checking them out.

On Friday at 9 PM GMT Chris Archie will be streaming on the official Runescape channel.

Also, Chris will be streaming Saturday night on his personal twitch account Chris Archie will be streaming some classic PK’ing and possibly some staking! Make sure to tune in to his stream!

This Saturday at 9 PM GMT OldSchoolNat will be preparing for the Lost City quest so be sure to support him on his journey!

Also on Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 AM GMT RajjPatel will be entertaining you in various ways. Make sure to join the Rajj army and check out his stream!

On Sunday starting at 8 PM GMT, The official RuneScape channel will be hosting a massive free access PK’ing trip for everyone to participate in. Make sure you join along and may the wilderness odds forever be in your favour!

Look below to see who is on right now.

If you have a stream planned for next weekend and want it advertised here, please let @JagexLee know.

If you want to stream on the official Runescape channel please contact @ModPaulM