Summer Summit - Today 28/05! | Dev Q&A | Last May Weekend

The BTS will actually be coming as part of the fantastic Summer Summit that kicks off at 16:00 Game Time (UTC) today,! Loads of big updates and reveals (not least about our exciting summer plans!) will be discussed for RuneScape, Chronicle and Idle Adventures.

Be sure to tune in and watch the action on Twitch from 16:00 game time (UTC)on Saturday 28th May, including Mod Mark’s “month ahead” BTS video for June.

Developer Q&A Highlights| Void Knight Outpost Rework

Take a break from the sunny summer days and follow Mod Ramen as he shows you around the recently reworked Void Knight Outpost in all its stormy glory.

May Weekend - #4 – Last One! – Minigames

The following weekend bonuses will run from now until 12:00 UTC on Monday 30th May:

  • +1 Castle Wars gold ticket per game
  • Extra 600 daily bonus points in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
  • Double points from Pest Control/Conquest
  • Double Bonus XP and gamble rewards in Barbarian Assault
  • Bosses killed in Dominion Tower count as two for the purposes of reward unlocks
  • +50% Dominion Tower factor
  • Double produce points at Livid Farm
  • Double points from Stealing Creation
  • Double zeal from Soul Wars
  • Extra points and +1 medals from Fish Flingers

See you today for the epic evening stream!

The RuneScape Team

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