Super September

Super September

As announced earlier in the week, every day throughout September we’ll be adding a new Super challenge to the list of daily challenges in the Challenge System. This weekend's challenges are:

  Today's challenge:  
  September 30th 2013   Hunt the Gnome
Find the golden gnome!

You only have the day to complete and hand in the challenge, so be quick – you won’t get a second chance!

Please note: if you're having trouble completing a particular task because the content you need is busy, we strongly recommend switching game worlds. Although there are designated worlds for certain pieces of content, remember that it's possible to do everything you need for Super September on any members' game world.

While Super September is running, you’ll also receive x2 XP (x1.25 XP for Dungeoneering) for completing your daily challenges.

Each super challenge you complete will reward you with XP and consistently active superheroes will be able to look the part too, with superhero themed rewards available at every 5 challenges you complete.

For those looking for fame, the 'Farmyard Rampage' and 'Bulldog' super challenges will have hiscore tables, lasting one week each. The top 1000 on that table will be rewarded with a special reward.

If you want to take part in Super September, make sure to subscribe as these challenges are only available to members.

  Previous challenges  
  September 1st 2013   Miracle Recovery
Trigger 10 portents of restoration.
  September 2nd 2013   Blood, Sweat and Tears
Gather 200 divine tears on the battlefield.
  September 3rd 2013   Everybody Dance Now
Do a dance emote near to at least 10 people who are also dancing.
  September 4th 2013   Go Bananas!
Eat 50 bananas.
  September 5th 2013   Mad Skills
Train at least 15 different skills in a day.
  September 6th 2013   Bulldog
Run from the Wilderness wall to the deep Wilderness wall without dying or teleporting.
  September 7th 2013   Schmooze
Talk to 10 different signature heroes, kings, queens or rulers.
  September 8th 2013   Soul Searching
Complete a game of Soul Wars.
  September 9th 2013   Harvest Festival
Cheer in the cabbage field north of Port Sarim when there are no cabbages in it.
  September 10th 2013   There's Always a Bigger Fish
Catch, or assist someone in catching, a big fish during a game of Fish Flingers.
  September 11th 2013   To Forgive is Divine
Harvest from the same wisp as at least 4 other people.
  September 12th 2013   Balanced Diet
Fill your inventory with 28 different types of food and drink, then eat something.
  September 13th 2013   Falador Fun
Find 10 items in a drop party in Falador's Party Room.
  September 14th 2013   Sinking Feeling
Successfully complete a game of Sinkholes.
  September 15th 2013   Urn Your Reward
Start and fill two different urns (you do not need to teleport them).
  September 16th 2013   Speed Daemon
Finish a floor in Daemonheim in less than 5 minutes.
  September 17th 2013   Inappropriate Dress
Complete the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course in a costume.
  September 18th 2013   Eat, Work, Slay
Gain a social slayer point.
  September 19th 2013   Dancing Queen
Perform any emote on top of Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador and Ardougne castles.
  September 20th 2013   Farmyard Rampage
Kill 50 cows, rams or chickens.
  September 21st 2013   Beduelled
Duel with another player in the Duel Arena near Al-Kharid.
  September 22nd 2013   Faithful
Pray at altars devoted to three different gods.
  September 23rd 2013   House Party
Enter a Player-Owned House with at least 5 other people in it.
  September 24th 2013   Rotten Shot
Throw a rotten tomato at a player in a pillory.
  September 25th 2013   Hard Sell
Have all six of your Grand Exchange slots filled with either buy or sell offers.
  September 26th 2013   Wayward Wizard
Help a yellow wizard in the Runespan.
  September 27th 2013   Hunter Seeker
Finish a game of Big Chinchompa.
  September 28th 2013   Vigilante
Kill 3 criminals.
  September 29th 2013   Social Pyromaniac
Gain a health boost from a bonfire tended to by at least 4 other players.

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