T95 Magic Dual Wield Beta

T95 Magic Dual Wield Beta

We have just launched today a Beta that will run until June 6th to playtest three potential concepts for the effects of our new T95 Magic Dual Wield weapons that will be coming from the Sanctum of Rebirth. Players will put them through their paces, give us their feedback and help us decide on the final design for these weapons.

You will also be able to try out a more eccentric change we are considering for Magic! We initial put out the idea of switching around Sonic Wave and Concentrated blasts to be Dual Wield and 2H abilities respectively, from listening to player feedback since that stream we have decided to try out a more refined approach.

We've unlocked the abilities Magma Tempest, Sonic Wave and Concentrated Blast so that they can be used either two handed or dual wielding. What this means is you can try out the weapons with the normal live game abilities or mix in GSonic and Magma tempest to see if they could be a better fit. Let us know more about what plays well when you get your hands on them.

Be sure to dive in and try out these changes for yourself and then chat to us about how they play and feel!

  • Try out three (two and a half) set effects on new T95 Magic Weapons and let us know which version should make it to the live game!
  • Ever wondered about Dual Wield Magma Tempest? Or 2H Greater Concentrated blast? try them out here

Which Effect?

Dive in and get to grips with the new wand and orbs and help decide on which version of the set effect is the most enjoyable! This is your chance to help shape the impact of these powerful weapons so be sure to be thorough in your feedback, we wanna know what you like, what you dislike, what you would want to see. Really focus on how they feel opposed to "Is it strong" we can always tweak numbers to increase power but we want to get the feel right first!

Wand / Orb set 1 - First effect would be generating a stacking buff using non basics then consuming that buff using basic abilities for increased adrenaline. With the second benefit building off the first and giving a flat cooldown reduction for Wild Magic when the buff is consumed giving players a more stable flow of damage and adrenaline.

  • 1 - Non-basic abilities generate 2 stacks of Insatiable for 3.6s. Basic abilities consume Insatiable, increasing adrenaline gain by 25%. (from 8->10 not 8→33)
  • 2 - Consuming Insatiable reduces the cooldown of Wild Magic by 6s.

Wand / Orb set 2 - The second set effect would be building off from the first set but instead of a stable flow of cooldown reduction it would be a more powerful RNG effect.

  • 1 - Non-basic abilities generate 2 stacks of insatiable for 3.6s. Basic abilities consume Insatiable, increasing adrenaline gain by 25%. (from 8->10 not 8→33)
  • 2 - Consuming Insatiable has a 35% chance to refresh the cooldown of Wild Magic

Wand / Orb set 3 - An alternative playstyle of increasing Damage over time effects that ramps up in power the more you stack this new debuff and adds effects like refreshing their cooldowns, or making them hit instantly.

  • 1 - Damage over time abilities deal 30% more damage. (only combust/corruption blast affected as the only DOT magic abilities)
  • 2 - Damage over time abilities generate Essence Corruption with each hit.
    • 1 Essence Corruption stack: Your Damage over time abilities have a 30% chance to empower, dealing the damage instantly and refreshing their cooldown.
    • 25 Essence Corruption stacks: Deal bonus damage against enemies (100% of stacks + 100% of your Magic level).
    • 50 Essence Corruption stacks: Basic abilities generate an additional 3.6% adrenaline over 6 seconds.
    • Maximum stacks: 100

When you get onto the beta check in at War's Retreat and speak with Hatye, just north of War, he will be selling the wand and orbs alongside other items that like augmentors to help you test things out fully!

Please note that these weapons will come with the 'Charging' passive during this beta (effects are not active until they have been equipped for several seconds) currently this is not set in stone to transfer to the live game, this is both to enable a smoother testing experience and to gather data on less switch reliant rotations.

How to get involved

Ready to give the Beta a try? Here’s how:

  • Jagex Launcher
    • Head to the taskbar and close any running instances of the Jagex launcher.
    • Click this link.
    • The link will load the Jagex launcher then start loading the Beta, logging you in automatically.
  • Non Jagex Launcher

On first login, your live save is imported into the Beta. You can re-import your save into the Beta once per hour.

Once you’ve given the changes a try, share your feedback with our team through the following channels:

Please note that not everything that is showcased in the Beta will automatically make its way into the live game. We will endeavour to work with players to refine the changes shown and bring them into the live game when they’re ready!

- The RuneScape Team

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